Museums and Sustainability

NEMO encourages and supports museums to do their part and actively contribute to a more sustainable future. We advocate for stakeholders to fully recognise the potential of museums as allies in the sustainable transition. Explore our resources, webinars and what we do for sustainability and climate action.

NEMO Training empowered European museum…

In June 2024, 18 museum professionals from across Europe participated in a four-session online training programme to develop sustainability plans for their institutions over the next year. This NEMO Training, co-hosted with…

 A person is standing on a footbridge inside a room with a floor covered by a mirror. The person is looking at their reflection.
Call for applications – NEMO Training at the…

NEMO is organising a 2-day workshop on museum in the sustainable transition and climate risk preparedness in cooperation with the Louvre and Centre Marc Bloch on 14 and 15 October 2024 in Paris, France.

 Three groups of about 5-6 people each are seated around three tables each carrying out a workshop. The workshop leader is standing up discusses something with one of the groups.
NEMO members joined training on sustainable…

From 22-25 April 2024, six persons connected to NEMO member organisations had the opportunity to participate in the ENCATC Academy on Sustainable Cultural Management and Policy in Lille, France, thanks to a partnership between…


What NEMO does

NEMO wants to make sure that museums are recognised and supported by EU policy makers for the work they do to contribute to a sustainable future by:

  1. Advocating for the instrumental role of museums in providing opportunities for decent work, poverty reduction, social resilience, gender equality and other aspects relevant to the SDGs.
  2. Illustrating how museums and creative industries contribute to the realisation of development targets by providing solutions in urban and rural, European national and local contexts.
  3. Providing information about the different approaches that museums in Europe and around the world are taking to contribute to the Green Deal and help make the world more sustainable in the future.
  4. Encouraging co-operation between museums and other players to form strong alliances reaching out to global citizens at every level.
  5. The NEMO Working Group Sustainability and Climate Action contributes to the sustainable development of European museums through research and advocacy and provides a space to exchange knowledge and experiences aligned with tackling the climate crisis. 
  6. NEMO is an active member of Museums for Future and the Climate Heritage Network, and works with a variety of organisations dedicated to climate action and sustainability to help bring the sector together, to align views and actions, and to support museums with a strong voice in their sustainable transition.

NEMO's advocacy actions

Mapping of climate action

NEMO's interactive map demonstrates museums' strength in creating awareness, adapting, and fighting climate change. By joining forces, we can create a museum community that is actively steering the topic forward and show that museums can make an impact and difference for the planet. Please contribute via the submission form.

More information

Pledge for sustainability

NEMO and the European museum sector pledge to work with the community and to use our diverse collections to inspire people to facilitate change for the future sustainability of the planet. This bold statement was prepared and endorsed by all national museum organisations in Europe present at the 2023 NEMO European Museum Conference. It encourages the re-evaluation of museum collections with a view to their social, historical, environmental, and educational impact.

Future of sustainable museum collections

Our ethical and professional priority is to work with our communities for the future sustainability of the planet. Museums have a critical role to play in environmental sustainability and imagining our possible futures. Our commitment is that we will use our diverse collections and the stories that they hold to inspire people and facilitate change. We realise that it is no longer possible to preserve all heritage and collections in their current conditions. We are committed to re-evaluating our collections in terms of their social, historical, environmental, and educational impact.

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