We empower museums and museum organisations to collaborate on multilateral projects at the European level and beyond.


What’s new in EU funding?

New Creative Europe will support the cultural and creative sectors with €2.4...

On 26 May 2021, the European Commission officially launched the Creative Europe programme for 2021-2027 by adopting the work...

EU funding and cooperation explained in new...

NEMO has produced a toolkit to help museums, museum associations and other cultural organisations across Europe to better access EU funding and increase their international activities. The toolkit gives an overview of the benefits...

Call for preparatory action for policy development of culture and well-being

The European Commission has released a call for the preparatory action ‘Bottom-up Policy Development for Culture & Well-being in...

Networking & cooperation

Networks build trust, nurture relationships, set aligned agendas and help to exchange knowledge and experiences to help their members to learn and build their capacity.
NEMO offers a platform for museums and museum organisations to develop shared projects across borders.

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EU funding opportunities

There is a vast array of EU funding possibilities available for museums in Europe. These different funding programmes support museums from the local to the international level – either as big cross-border consortia or for specific activities. NEMO helps museums to navigate their way through the EU funding maze.

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Do you know how to build a European Project?

NEMO is participating in various EU-funded projects that are actively helping to strengthen and professionalise the European museum sector.