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What’s new in EU funding?

 Bird perspective of someone doing restoration work on an icon painting.
NEMO part of securing Erasmus+ funding for...

Together with 27 other organisations, NEMO applied to the funding strand SECTOR SKILLS ALLIANCES (Blueprint Cultural Heritage) within the EU funding programme Erasmus +. The consortium was successful and the project “Cultural...

Call for keynote on innovative ideas of...

Creative Europe Desk Germany is looking for a keynote speaker to present their innovative ideas for European cooperation and funding in the cultural and creative sector. The keynote will be part of the conference “Looking Ahead –...

No cuts for Creative Europe in the next long-term EU budget

On 21 July 2020, the European Council adopted the recovery plan and multiannual financial framework for 2021-2027. The financial...

Networking & cooperation

Networks build trust, nurture relationships, set aligned agendas and help to exchange knowledge and experiences to help their members to learn and build their capacity.
NEMO offers a platform for museums and museum organisations to develop shared projects across borders.

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EU funding opportunities

There is a vast array of EU funding possibilities available for museums in Europe. These different funding programmes support museums from the local to the international level – either as big cross-border consortia or for specific activities. NEMO helps museums to navigate their way through the EU funding maze.

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