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What’s new in EU funding?

Mapping of the short and long term effect of...

The majority of museums in Europe are closed in order to contain the spread COVID-19. NEMO would like to map how museums are reacting to and coping with the closure through an in-depth survey.

Joint letter on the effect of COVID-19 on Creative Europe and the European CCS

NEMO is one of the signatories of a joint letter written by Culture Action Europe and directed to the Commissioner Gabriel and...

 Grey gallery space with shiny floors that reflects the photos hung on the walls.
COVID-19's impact on the European museum...

It is clear that the European museum sector is heavily affected by the COVID-19 outbreak and the measures taken to contain it. According to a survey that NEMO carried out, the majority of museums in European countries are closed...


Networking & cooperation

Networks build trust, nurture relationships, set aligned agendas and help to exchange knowledge and experiences to help their members to learn and build their capacity.
NEMO offers a platform for museums and museum organisations to develop shared projects across borders.

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EU funding opportunities

There is a vast array of EU funding possibilities available for museums in Europe. These different funding programmes support museums from the local to the international level – either as big cross-border consortia or for specific activities. NEMO helps museums to navigate their way through the EU funding maze.

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Do you know how to build a European Project?

NEMO guide on EU funding

This guide offers an analysis of museums’ participation in the centralized EU funding programmes from 2014-2018. It provides detailed data on national and European level about the current funding usage. Based on the findings, NEMO offers recommendations to EU policy makers as well as to national museum organisations and museums to help museums better access EU funding opportunities.

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