EU Funding Opportunities

There is a vast array of EU funding possibilities available for museums in Europe. These different funding programmes support museums from the local to the international level – either as big cross-border consortia or for specific activities. NEMO helps museums to navigate their way through the EU funding maze. Below are some of the most prominent EU funding programmes that are relevant for museums.

EU funding for culture 2021-2027

The Creative Europe Desk Culture DE has published a helpful preliminary introduction of 13 EU programmes and their funding opportunities for the Cultural and Creative Sector. The Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027 is yet to be finalised, so the primary purpose of this overview is to offer an initial idea of the design and future opportunities of the funding strands.

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NEMO guide on EU funding

This guide offers an analysis of museums’ participation in the centralized EU funding programmes from 2014-2018. It provides detailed data on national and European level about the current funding usage. Based on the findings, NEMO offers recommendations to EU policy makers as well as to national museum organisations and museums to help museums better access EU funding opportunities.

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Do you know how to build a European Project?

Please note that the European Commission is in the process of finalising the new programmes that will support the sector from 2021 onwards. Thanks to the excellent report by Creative Europe Desk DE, we can provide some preliminary updates on programmes relevant to museums.

As soon as new and final information concerning the budget is released, this page and the links will be updated.

Creative Europe

Creative Europe is the EU funding programme that supports the cultural and audiovisual sectors.

  • Funding period: 2021-2027
  • Budget: €2.24 billion

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Erasmus+ is the EU education and training programme. It also supports cultural heritage institutions to develop educational programmes and supports learning through and with cultural heritage.

  • Funding period: 2021-2027
  • Budget: €23.4 billion

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Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe is the EU research and innovation programme that includes support for the innovation potential of cultural heritage in order to protect and preserve it.

  • Funding period: 2021-2027
  • Budget: €79.9 billion

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EU Structural Funds

The EU Structural Funds aim to reduce regional disparities in income, wealth and opportunities. Cultural heritage management is one of the investment priorities for the EU structural and investment funds. 2014-2020, the EU Structural Funds consisted of five different funds. We have found updates on three out of the five funds.

  • Funding period: 2021-2027
  • Budget: European regional development fund (226.9 billion euro), European social fund+ (87,319 billion euro) and European agricultural fund for rural development (77.850 billion euro).
    Not mentionned: Cohesion fund and European maritime and fisheries fund.

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