Call for applications: NEMO One to One Mentoring

© Image: Panu Salonen Two people are talking. One of them has their back to us, the other one is dressed in bright colours, facing the camera and is gesticulating with her hands while explaining something.

© Image: Panu Salonen

Take the chance to develop professionally in individualised mentoring sessions. The call for applications to the sixth edition of the NEMO One to One Mentoring programme running from September-November is open until 30 June 2024.

The mentoring programme, organised in partnership with GEM – the Group for Education in Museums, is exclusively open to people active within or connected to NEMO member organisations. By taking part in the programme, museum professionals, typically museum educators and people with a role in learning, gain the opportunity to learn from experienced colleagues.

Five successful applicants will be matched with a mentor for 3 online mentoring sessions between September-November 2024.  Participants in the popular programme will get help setting and achieving goals that support career growth and international networking.

Applicants are only considered if they are connected to a NEMO members organisation. Perhaps the museum you are working at is a member of the national museum association of your country? In this case, and provided that the national museums association is a member of NEMO, the association can nominate you to apply to the mentoring opportunity. Get in touch with for more information.

GEM - Group for Education in Museums

GEM is a thriving and vibrant membership network of over 850 institutional and personal members. Their vision is of a connected and equipped community of people enabling learning across museum, heritage and cultural settings, creating inspiring experiences, relevant for everyone; that promote equality - transform and enrich lives.