The EC Proposes a 27% Budgetary Increase for Culture in the Next EU-budget

NEMO is pleased to receive news about the proposed EU-budget for the years 2021-2027. The Creative Europe remains as a stand-alone programme and has been allocated 650 million euros in the proposed budget.

The EU-budget, presented on 2 May 2018, suggests an increase from the current 1.4 billion Euros to 1.8 billion euros for the creative and cultural sector in the next Multiannual Financial Framework, giving an increase of 27%. The European Commission has refrained from the previously suggested merger of culture and other programmes, which is especially welcomed considering the foreseeable financial stress on the EU, for instance caused by the departure of the UK. NEMO is also pleased to see that the EC acknowledges culture’s role in creating synergies with other sectors and policy areas.

The proposed EU-budget is promising for the creative and cultural sector. However, details of how funds will be allocated within the programme are called for. NEMO also hopes that museums in particular will receive sufficient support in the next EU-budget and that the EC will recognise museum’s vital role in promoting cultural heritage and creating a strong shared European identity.

Read more about the proposed MMF in this message from the European Commission.

For more information about the proposed Creative Europe programme please read pages 51-52 in the annex.