Report: Museums and Creative Industries - Mapping Cooperation
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The NEMO Working Group Museums and Creative Industries published the results of a survey conducted in February 2017 that give an impression of cooperations between museums and the creative industries from 86 museums across Europe.

Among other things the study Museums and Creative Industries - Mapping Cooperation found that in the museums that responded to the survey, the usefulness of their collections not publicly available was rated higher for scientists (59 museums) and curators (58 museums) than for artists (48 museums) or designers (37 museums). While at the same time the number of collaborations with representatives from the creative industries is headed by artists and designers before curators; differing from 64 and 54 to 52 museums.

While the frequency ranges from once to several times a year, 76 museums indicated that they do collaborate with representatives from the creative industries.

There are various kinds of cooperation and collaboration: exhibition preparation and development, filming or other evnts such as plays and concerts on museum premises, development of outreach activities. Many collaborations also take place outside of the museum.

With Museums and Creative Industries - Mapping Cooperation the NEMO Working Group has build a basis for a new publication highlighting best pracitce examples from the sector across Europe set to be published late 2017.

Additionally, in March 2017 the in-depth report from Latvia, was complemented by mappings of cooperations of museums and creative industries in Iceland, Poland and Romania. "" following survey from February 2017.