Engaged Museums: Access, Technology and New Audiences - Report from 7th ASEMUS General Conference
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From 15-17 March 2017 the 7th ASEMUS General Conference welcomed 70 participants to New Delhi. Which tasks does the social role of museums encompass? How can audience engagement be designed? Where does participation dock on?

ASEMUS - the Asia-Europe Museum Network held its 7th General Conference in New Delhi. The debates, workshops and visits to museums and cultural heritage sites cast different lights on the conference's theme. 

After reasoning on the relevance of the conference theme that uncovered three dimensions - museums now need to assume a more social role; audiences have also become more sophisticated and expect to be involved in how museums operate; and the digital shift requires museums to engage online - the subsequent discussions focussed on these aspects.

Ranging from regional to higher reaching promotion of museums and collections, different aspects of accessibility through concrete examples of museum programmes to establishing general minimum standards were presented. Furthermore, the engagement of audiences was specifically discussed with regard to co-curatorial practices. The presentations included specific examples for all three dimensions from museums in Asia and Europe.

A complete report from the conference, the presented examples, discussions and findings can be found on the ASEMUS website and an in-depth report is available here.

ASEMUS is a partner of NEMO.