Statement of the UK registrars group: What does the Brexit mean for culture and museums in the UK?
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In their impact statement the UK Registrar Group (UKRG) formulated its concerns and key questions on the UK's EU exit.

It particularly applies to the challenges in finances with regard to increasing costs while funding will decrease, as well as negatively affect planning resources. This will lead to a decline of the levels of lending, borrowing and acquiring of artefacts, as long as there are no systems introduced for aspects of regulation and licensing currently based in EU law.

The UKRG states that "The result will have a detrimental effect on the UK public (reduced exhibitions), as well as the public purse (many institutions may struggle to absorb costs and resource requirements)." and hopes that the UK government will "take appropriate action to lessen the impact on UK museums and galleries".

The complete statement can be found here.