Call for Papers: X. European Registrars Conference
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Under the motto "Out of the Box" those working behind the scenes of exhibitions are invited to submit an abstract for the 10th European Registrars Conference in June 2016.

The motto should serve as a theme to deal with "the latest, unconventional approaches and developments" and invite participants to take a sharp look at their work.

Upon invitation from the Austrian Registrars Committee (ARC) the conference will take place in Vienna, Austria from 8-10 June 2016. Over 700 international participants are expected from different sectors - the museum sector on the one hand with directors, curators and collection managers and museum partners on the other hand, such as transport facilitators or insurances.

These are mirrored in the four areas the conference will concentrate on: Art and the Law, Digital Museum, Materialities and Standards and "I am...Registrar: a woman's calling?/Career paths and perspectives for registrars and exhibition managers/The registrar's position weighed internally and externally as well as nationally and internationally/ a comparison of training standards and possibilities."

Written suggestions for 20-­minute lectures in English in relation to one of the above-mentioned topics including a draft should be submitted in papers of no more than 2000 characters to by 18 December 2015.
The selected speakers will be contacted in January 2016.

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You can find the complete list of topics and call here.