I am @Europeanaeu : Picking cultural heroines and heroes from Europeana
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#AllezCulture is the hashtag that marks Europeana's new campaign inviting everybody to find and share their cultural heroines and heroes through Europeana.

The campaign was launched on 29 March and offers the chance to look at Europeana's digital collection from a new perspective. The collections from cultural institutions that are brought together in Europeana offer the unique opportunity to compare many documents from across Europe in one place. Here, images and documents dealing with one individual are brought together regardless of their geographical location. This is also what Europeana draws on with #AllezCulture. The goal is to give Europeana users the chance to find information, images and other material about their cultural hero or heroine and work with the content made available on Europeana to develop their own presentation of their hero. This can be an animation, a gif or simply a twitter card. The latter is automatically created when using the twitter-share button.

The filters on Europeana make it easy to find content that can be re-used and downloaded, information about licenses are available next to the images.

For further information see their website or get started right away.