Registration for Hands On! Conference opens on 28 April 2017
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The next Hands On! Conference of the International Association of Children in Museums will be held from 11-14 October 2017 in Pisek, Pilsen and Prague, Czech Republic.

The conference is going to examine the influence of technology on humanity and the education of today’s children, discussing ways of implementing technology into the daily children’s museums work. In addition, a strong focus is going to be on “children as heroes of the future”, looking at ways of how story telling and the promotion of creativity can help children develop ethic values and inner qualities such as empathy, courage and notion of justice.

The conference is open to everybody working with children or interested in working with children in the museums field. Enjoy a friendly family atmosphere, an inspiring program, beautiful sights, peer collaboration and friendly feedback.

Registration opens on 28 April 2017.

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