Call for Papers: Cultural policies for cities that are cohesive and sustainable
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For the international conference "Learning Cities 2040: Global, Local, Connected, Sustainable, Healthy and Resilient" the call for papers on cultural policies is open!

The 13th PASCAL conference takes place in Glasgow, Scotland, from 3 until 5 June 2016. One of the five main topics during the conference is "Cultural policies for cities that are cohesive and sustainable".

The topic has been taken up by the UNESCO, the UN and PASCAL itself, which set up a Cultural Policies Network in 2010. The network's work has pointed to the important role of cultural institutions such as museums and libraries in developing Learning Cities in such areas as preserving and enhancing heritage, creating and negotiating identity, and contributing to the cohesion of a community and city. These roles should be linked to the other strands of the conference in a holistic approach to Learning City development. Thus, the focus for presenters should be on one of the following matters:

  • What are the main contributions of cultural policies and institutions to sustainable Learning Cities?
  • In what ways can museums and libraries contribute to the inclusion objectives of Learning Cities?
  • Give examples of ways in which cultural institutions have been a significant player in the negotiation of identity in a diverse community.
  • Case studies of innovative action by cultural institutions in regional development and fostering social cohesion are invited.

The call for papers ends on 22 February 2016.

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