2030 Alliance for Culture and the Arts now European Alliance for Culture and the Arts
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The Alliance that shared an urgent appeal to put culture at the forefront of the European project in February will have its official launch on 19 April 2016 in Brussels.

The 2030 Alliance now changed its name to European Alliance for Culture and the Arts to emphasise the urgency of its actions and appeal.

Since the end of February the alliance has grown to a network of 24 European organisations and was joined by national networks and individuals. The European Alliance for Culture and the Arts will officially launch on 19 April 2016 during the Culture Forum in Brussels.

The Alliance issued an appeal that urges policy makers to re-think the European approach and include culture and the arts in their overall strategic goals and priorities. The inclusion of culture and the arts by policy-makers would lead to the acknowledgement of the integral role culture plays in the development of Europe and European societies.
By now, discussions on this strategy have started among EU decision makers. The members of the Alliance, among them NEMO, underline that the EU's long-term aims are unattainable without culture and the arts as they enable the creation of a thriving European society and a sustainable economy.
Throughout the year the Alliance will campaign further at EU and national level and bring attention to the urgent need to put culture and the arts at the heart of EU policies.

Find out more about the appeal at www.allianceforculture.com 

The complete press release is available here.