Political Internships in Museums start in Austria
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Inspired by NEMO’s initiative Political Internships in Museums, 400 national cultural politicians in Austria have been presented with the opportunity to do an internship at a museum. The Austrian Museums Association, which is a member of NEMO, wants to showcase the many positive effects of museums and their importance for a healthy society by inviting politicians behind the scenes.

The invitation letter was accompanied with results from a recent impact analysis of the Austrian museum sector to further showcase the importance of museums and why adequate funding is necessary. The politicians are invited to a behind the scenes experience to gain a deeper understanding of the many layers of a museum and the many different tasks that are found within the museum.

NEMO is offering resources on how to orgnaise a political internship in museums on its website.

Learn more about the NEMO Political Internships in Museums here. Next to particpate in the iniative is the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) President Luca Jahier who will join the staff at the Royal Museums of Turin, Italy, on 24 May 2019.