British Museums Association publishes manifesto
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The Museums Association (MA) has published a manifesto outlining what museums, galleries and heritage sites require from the next UK government.

With the manifesto the Museums Association highlights the importance of museums and their contribution to society and local, regional and national life.

It formulates 5 priorities for the new government:

  1. Maintaining free entry to museums.
  2. Sustaining public investment.
  3. Negotiate a Brexit deal that works for museums.
  4. Deliver the museums review, which has been carried out by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport over the past year, and was due to be published this month.
  5. Simplify business rates, which have increased for many museums due to changes to the ways they are calculated and other recent developments in the local tax system.

In light of the recent events in the UK, the MA wants political parties to adopt the manifesto pre-election "in order to help the UK’s museums thrive throughout the next parliament and beyond," said Alistair Brown of the MA.

Find the complete Manifesto here and an article by the MA here.