Cultural Heritage can be Enhanced by Digital Innovation

The Horizon-2020 conference "Innovation and Cultural Heritage", held in Brussels, Belgium on 20 March, touched upon the importance of digital innovation in relation to cultural heritage. NEMO was present through the participation of Secretary General Julia Pagel.

The high-level conference "The Innovation and Cultural Heritage" gathered researchers from interdisciplinary sectors and allowed them to showcase their work. The conference  touched upon several themes connected to cultural heritage, whereof digitalisation was one of the most prominent themes. Most speakers agreed on the positive effects of digitalisation, but opinions about the importance of hands-on cultural experiences were also expressed.

EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel stated that "Europe is blessed with an immense cultural heritage which can provide us with a sense of a shared identity and inspire us" and that "digital transformation may play an essential role in protecting this heritage".

EU Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation Carlos Moedas expressed that "[y]ou cannot digitise experiences. You can digitise the artefacts, the paintings, but you cannot digitise humanity".

The European Year of Cultural Heritage label was also discussed. Learn more about obtaining the label from NEMO here.

The 26th NEMO Annual Conference, taking place between 15-18 November, will also discuss cross-sectoral collaborations. More information about the conference will be released here shortly!

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