Everything you always wanted to know about the Austrian Museums Community – New Facts and Figures from 2018
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The Austrian Museums Association has summarized the status quo of the Austrian museums community and current activates of the Museums Association in a recent report.

In the report, the Austrian Museums Association mentions that the term "museum" is not protected by law and is not subject to any restrictions in Austria. However, the Museums Association is in the midst of registering museums according to ICOM’s museum definition. So far have 747 museums been registered.

In the recent study Impact Study of Austrian Museums, the economic value museums have for Austria is supported. The study has also provided new insights about the role of volunteering in Austrian museums, which ensures the existence of many (mostly small and rural) museums. The study highlights the impressive intangible impact of museums: From the educational value to social cohesion and quality of life – only to name a few aspects.

Current topics in the Austrian museums community are also listed;

  • Copyright
  • Museum Act
  • Austrian-wide museum card
  • Political influence in the daily museum work and business
  • Social Relevance
  • Value of museum and cultural work

Download the Austrian Museums Association report here.