Guest Critics that Rarely Visit Museums help them to be more Accessible and Inclusive
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The programme Look at Art. Get Paid, founded by Maia Chao and Josephine Devanbu, presents an opportunity for people that rarely visit art museums to visit one as guest critics. The one time art critic gets paid and the institution gets to learn from people outside the field, and ways to identify the real obstacles to access and engagement.

The founders of the Look at Art. Get Paid programme, initiated at the RISD Museum, USA, decided to start the project after realising that most museum and art critics are white and affluent, which creates an unfair divide between the public and the museum management. With the project, the founders are hoping that museums will make the issues raised more of a priority than they usually are, although most institutions are aware of the issues. Maia Chao and Josephine Devanbu also hope that inclusion and representation will be a permanent part of the museums’ core mission rather than a trendy add-on.

Several of the people that took part in the project felt that the museum isn’t a welcoming place and that they would like to see a better representation of “people of colour in their collection, improve language accessibility, advertise in their neighborhoods, and make the experience less intimidating.”

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