NEMO at Annual Conference of German Museums Association
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NEMO's chair David Vuillaume was invited to join a discussion on the current museum definition and NEMO's Secretary General Julia Pagel presented the results of NEMO's study on Museums and Copyright as part of the Annual Conference of NEMO's member the German Museums Association.

The annual conference celebrating the GMA's 100th anniversary took a look ahead and discussed the role and relevance of museums, their relation to the digital realms and position in the economy.

As part of the discussions on museum relevance the association opened the floor to a diverse discussion on the definition of museums. Kimmo Levä, who was invited by the GMA following his appearance at NEMO's annual conference in November 2016, delivered an impulse for the panelists with his new definition.

It was took up by David Vuillaume, chair of NEMO and director of the Swiss Museums Association, Ulrike Lorenz, Kunsthalle Mannheim, Eckart Köhne, president of the German Museums Association and director of the Badisches Landesmuseum, and Isabel Pfeiffer-Poensgen from the Kulturstiftung der Länder (Cultural Foundation of the German Federal States). David Vuillaume emphasised how NEMO approaches the museum definition through its four values - the social, educational, economic and collection value of museums - and focuses its work on these sectors.

The lively discussion included calls for a new definition with added tasks for museums as well as a re-interpretation and re-definition of the existing ICOM museum definition.

On 10 May one of the GMA's Working Groups focussing on Public Relations invited Julia Pagel, Secretary General of NEMO, to present the work of NEMO's Working Group Intellectual Property Rights. It mainly focused on the study on museums and copyright.

For further information about the conference, please visit the website of the Deutscher Museumsbund e.V. (German Museums Association)