NEMO Executive Board Meeting and Masterclass in Sarajevo
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The Balkan Museum Network welcomed NEMO's Executive Board for a masterclass and meeting in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, from 31 May to 3 June 2017.

NEMO's member the Balkan Museum Network was an open and welcoming host to NEMO's executive board in Sarajevo.

On the first day the executive board members were introduced to the museum landscape and structure of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Particularly, the different policy bodies involved in the cultural sector, as well as the challenges this infrastructure poses. Immanent to the museum sector and its work are the consequences of the Yugoslav Wars and the Bosnian War in particular, many of the structures and challenges bear witness to the effect of this period of the young country's history.

The cultural heritage in Bosnia and Herzegovina was severely damaged during these years and Sarajevo is still scarred by the siege of Sarajevo from 1992-1996, which took place during the Bosnian war. However, the cultural sector is developing, though the number of museums compared to other European countries is low. In 2006 the Balkan Museum Network was founded and is now a hub for museum professionals in the Balkans.

On the second day, NEMO's Executive Board met to discuss NEMO's upcoming annual conference as well as two additional conferences organised in collaboration with the Creative Museum Think Tank in Riga and the Romanian National Network of Museums in Bucharest (more information coming soon). The board members also talked about the future activities of NEMO and the new offers.

The stay in Sarajevo concluded with a masterclass for museum professionals from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Members of the executive board talked about audience development and participatory governance.
Dragos Neamu introduced the participants to the concept and strategies of the Museum Night in Romania, while Sofia Tsilidou presented different strategies of audience development and engagement, which was explored in detail with the concept and approach to participatory governance of cultural heritage by citizens explained by Margherita Sani. David Vuillaume and Julia Pagel offered insights into the value of cooperation, possible approaches and reasons as well as NEMO's work.

During the stay, NEMO's executive board also went to different museums and art projects in the city to learn more about the work at individual museum level.

NEMO would like to thank the participants, the Balkan Museum Network and especially Aida Vezic for their hostility and relevant and interesting insights into the working environment of museum professionals of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Dragos Neamu - Night of Museums in Romania

Sofia Tsilidou - Museums and Audience Development

Margherita Sani - Sharing Heritage. How to invovle citizens in participatory governance of cultural heritage

David Vuillaume and Julia Pagel - NEMO and the Value of cooperation