NEMO Members Celebrate Museums in May

This weekend both ICOM’s initiative International Museum Day and the European Night of Museums take place. NEMO asked its members what they or their members are planning. ´

For instance, EXARC's network members are organising archaeological themed events across Europe. The Union of Museums in Slovakia launched a website that collects all events connected to the Long Night of Museums and Galleries on a joint website. The German Museums Association and ICOM Germany have also teamed up and created a website that collects all events organised on the International Museum Day.

The Hungarian National Museum, a member of the Hungarian Museums Association, organises the Museum May Festival for the 24th time from 18-19 May. Visit the website for more information.

The Regional Museum of Skåne, Sweden, invites people behind the scenes of the museum. With just a week to go to the European Parliament elections, the museum will also host a debate about cultural policies and the EU. Find information about when and where to vote in the EP elections here.

Find more examples of what NEMO members and members of members are organising on this page.