New Compendium feature 2017: Summaries of national profiles

The compendiums are summaries highlighting key information from the traditional Compendium country profiles and follow a decision made at the Assembly of Compendium Experts in Wroclaw (November 2015). They give certain regard to cultural policy and related measures.

The piloting summarised compendiums range from 5-7 pages and are available for Azerbaijan, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Norway and Sweden.

The "THEMES" section was enhanced to include background and research documents and links to the country profiles, the extended information provided in this section can assist governments, NGOs and other Compendium users in their efforts to start monitoring and comparing cultural policies and related measures, including those aiming at improving access to arts, media and heritage activities or enhancing democratic governance processes.

Further information about the new compendiums can be found here.