Report on Brexit’s Impact on the Museum Sector in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland
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NEMO member the Irish Museums Association and the Ulster University published the report “Brexit and the Museum Sector in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland” in January 2018. The report examines possible outcomes of Brexit and offers recommendations on how the Irish and North Irish museum community should plan the UK’s leave.

The report gives key recommendations for Funding, Policy, Planning and Practice, Workforce, Training and Partnership. In short, the writers, Elizabeth Crooke and Gina O’Kelly, also summarizes the key findings;

  1. The museum sector will continue to place importance on exploring the shared and diverse histories and cultures on this island
  2. The legacy of UK membership of the EU will continue to be felt and nurtured by the museum sector
  3. Due to likely funding restrictions, the potential to build in new ways on past EU projects is now likely to be restricted
  4. We must urge our government departments to work closely with museum and culture bodies to address the impact presented by Brexit
  5. There is an appetite to consider how all island bodies in the fields of arts, heritage and culture might work together in new ways
  6. Preparedness is key. The chief recommendation of this report is that individual museums and cultural organisations are supported to undertake a Brexit Audit for the Museum Sector

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