Study Released about the Creative Europe Programme's Next Cycle

The study Creative Europe: Towards the Next Programme Generation, commissioned by the European Parliament CULT Committee and carried out by KEA, provides recommendations for a more ambitious future Creative Europe programme, reflecting the richness of European cultural diversity.

The report explains that culture indeed impacts Europe’s society and economy in several different ways and that culture lately has become broadely acknowledged across EU policy documents. Creative Europe: Towards the Next Programme Generation, by KEA: Philippe Kern, Arthur Le Gall, Teodora Pletosu (2018), aims at providing an analysis of the Creative Europe programme, including its objectives, structure, aspects related to decision-making and the impact of its implementation. 

Creative Europe is a unique programme in Europe, tailored to the needs of the cultural and creative sectors. It is the main programme that contributes to the cultural policy objectives of the EU. The programme targets the right priorities, but its modest budget prevents it from making a substantial impact.

Download the full report as a pdf here.

Access a shorter  version of Creative Europe: Towards the Next Programme Generation here.