UK Museums Association Concerned about No Deal Brexit’s Impact on Museums

The UK Museums Association (MA) expresses its serious concern about the impact of a No Deal Brexit. In a statement issued on 4 February 2019, the MA urges UK politicians to “take any action necessary” to avoid leaving the EU without a deal.

The MA states that that leaving without a deal would “have a highly damaging impact on: the communities that museums serve, people who work in and with museums, and the sharing of collections, ideas and expertise across European borders”.

It is also said that: “The UK’s museums sector is already in a fragile financial position after a decade of austerity and could struggle with the substantial financial losses that could arise from loss of earned income, philanthropy and public funding in the event of a No Deal Brexit.

“We are concerned about the prospect of further museum closures, reduced opening hours, staff reductions and a reduced public offer at precisely the time when communities need museums and the powerful role they can play in society most.” 

The statement also says: “No Deal would heighten the concerns of our EU staff, and will make it more difficult for museum in the UK to retain EU staff with specific areas of expertise. It will also cause problems for museums staff travelling to the EU, as existing schemes that guarantee health care and other rights will cease to operate under No Deal.”

Click here to download the full statement.