What does the museum workforce need? Report from the UK
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Character Matters: Attitudes, behaviours and skills in the UK Museum Workforce. was published this month by its commissioners the Arts Council England, Museums Galleries Scotland, the Museums Association and the Association of Independent Museums.

For the report Character Matters: Attitudes, behaviours and skills in the UK Museum Workforce the researchers at BOP Consulting asked what attitudes, behaviours and skills the UK museum workforce already has and which ones it would need in the next 10 years. They also looked at what is already invested and what the support looks like in the sector compared to other fields.

The report shows where investment is most needed to best support the museum sector, and highlights areas of future development. It offers 30 recommendations in the area of recruitment, skills and knowledge, training and continuing professional development, organisational development, and sector development and shares the in-depth analysis of the current and future state with outside and inside views.

Richard Naylor from BOP Counsulting and Sharon Heal from the Museums Association will both attend NEMO's 24th Annual Conference Money Matters: The Economic Value of Museums in Karlsruhe, Germany from 10-12 November 2016 to discuss museums, investment and economy.