Open Space - Collections questioned

The collection work of the museums is currently in public focus. In particular, the discussion about dealing with objects from colonial contexts and the desire for more transparency and participation creates new challenges for museums. In this context, the Annual Conference 2020 of the German Museums Association focuses on the way, museums deal with their collections: What expectations are placed on the collection work and how do the museums work with their collections? Which different perspectives provides an international comparison of the museums work with objects form colonial contexts? What opportunities does provenance research offer for the collection development? What are the possibilities for opening the collections? How do innovative collection concepts deal with transparency and participation? And what do museums need to preserve their collections in the long term? The Annual Conference of the German Museums Association offers short lectures, impulses and object stories as well as the opportunity to exchange views with around 500 museum experts as well as speakers from Germany and abroad. The Annual Conference of the German Museums Association is the largest museum conference in Germany. The conference language is German.