5 minute SMartArt questionnaire - input needed from museum professionals as well as visitors
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SMartArt, one of the winners of the @diversity European Competition 2013 award in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for culture seeks to improve services through this questionnaire.

The SMartART System provides a way to experience culture in an interactive and entertaining way that fosters the visitor's engagement to share their experience and excites their curiosity for an informal learning. In this way the SMartART becomes a multiplier tool for museums and galleries to reach broader target groups and spread information about exhibitions and events to new potential visitors.

Furthermore, SMartART helps museums and galleries to keep track of visitor's interactions inside the museum and reach a greater visibility for their collections. Please fill out the questionnaire so that SMartArt can continue its creative work for the museum sector!

To fill out the questionnaire, click here

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