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September 2023

Irish Museums Association (IMA)

08|9|2023  -  09|9|2023

Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Influencing Museums will explore the vital role of museums in influencing and informing important public conversations. By enhancing society’s understanding of the past, they are a catalyst for… Read more

Audio Visual International Council of Museums (AVICOM) and University of St Andrews



This innovative and timely online workshop, focuses on the intersection of climate change, heritage preservation, and the vast potential of virtual museums. It will draw upon experience of climate… Read more

Ministry of Culture Spain


Madrid, Toledo, Valencia, Valladolid, Cartagena, Santillana del Mar and Mérida, Spain

Musae is a music festival that takes place in the 16 institutions that make up the network of State Museums of Spain. Its main value lies in its musicians. All of them are young talents under 35 years… Read more

H&M, Heritage&Museums


Crete, Greece

    H&M, Heritage&Museums within the framework of Cultural Diplomacy, has sponsored two piano conserts in Crete this summer with the world renowned (Carnegie Hall , NY, Paris, Kiev, Epidaurus etc) Greek… Read more

    The Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum

    Baku, Azerbaijan

    The Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum is committed to making its collection, permanent and temporary exhibitions, programs, and services accessible to all audiences. It included interactive and… Read more

    Slovenian Museum Association

    20|9|2023  -  22|9|2023

    Koper, Slovenia

    At the congress, we will discuss the role of museums, sustainability, and wellbeing. The lectures will deal with various aspects, namely the environmental, social, sustainability, and economic aspect. Read more

    ICOM France


    Tours, France and online

    Since the gradual end of the last health crisis, and with the reopening of our institutions, many museums professionals have noticed that, in addition to a return to pre-crisis attendance levels,… Read more

    Federal Association of Museum Education e.V.

    24|9|2023  -  26|6|2023

    Bonn, Germany

    The conference discusses in an international context how museums can promote wellbeing, which needs and expectations shape the leisure behavior of (non-)visitors and how we can contribute to the… Read more

    FARO. The Flemish Institution for Cultural Heritage

    25|9|2023  -  25|9|2023


    This webinar focuses on how the History Commission in Bristol (UK) organised a broad civic consultation after the statue of Edward Colston, a trader in enslaved people (17th century), had been defaced… Read more

    Estonian Museum Association and ICOM Estonia

    25|9|2023  -  26|9|2023

    Rakvere, Estonia and Online

    The international conference "Museum and authenticity" explores how to make sense of the interrelationships between museums, heritage culture and authenticity. One of the most common questions asked… Read more