Re-print: So you are at the museum: has that painting been preserved, restored or maybe even replicated?    News | Copyrights | Museum Management

 |  The blog post from "the IPKat" talks about the two opposing approaches to art restoration and a current challenge the Whitney faces at the moment with an artwork from their collection.
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NEMO meeting with Martine Reicherts and Julie Ward on IPR and intercultural dialogue    News | NEMO activities | EU Culture Policy | Copyrights | Intercultural Dialogue | Museums as Social Agents | Learning

 |  During the meetings the recent report on the role of intercultural dialogue and NEMO's study on museums and copyright were discussed.
Read more - give your voice for museums to EU consultation    News | Copyrights | EU Culture Policy | Projects & Calls | NEMO activities | Museums in a Digital World | Museum Management | Cultural Creativity

 | helps you to respond to the European Commission’s Online Platforms Consultation by 25 December 2015!
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Call for Papers: X. European Registrars Conference    News | Projects & Calls | Museums in a Digital World | Copyrights | Collection Mobility | Museum Management

 |  Under the motto "Out of the Box" those working behind the scenes of exhibitions are invited to submit an abstract for the 10th European Registrars Conference in June 2016.
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Calling for updated EU copyright rules    News | EU Culture Policy | Copyrights | Museums in a Digital World | NEMO activities | Projects & Calls | Learning | Collection Mobility

 |  Add your institution to the list of prominent individuals in Cultural Heritage calling for updated EU copyright rules!
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NEMO publishes European-wide study on copyright and museums    News | NEMO activities | Copyrights | Museum Management

 |  In light of European and national governments currently reviewing their approach to copyrights, NEMO has published a European-wide study on the issues, questions and problems that museums have with regard to copyright.
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NEMO Executive Board Meeting in Copenhagen    News | NEMO activities | EU Culture Policy | Audience Development | Copyrights

 |  On 14 and 15 September 2015 NEMO's Executive Board met in Copenhagen, Denmark to discuss NEMO's upcoming Annual Conference and current activities.
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ICOM states its position concerning exceptions to copyright law    News | Copyrights | EU Culture Policy | Museums in a Digital World

 |  Following the decision of the European Union to block progress by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Standing Committee on Copyright & Related Rights (SCCR) ICOM is showing its support.
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Dr. Paul Klimpel on the future of Europe's cultural heritage    News | Copyrights | EU Culture Policy | Museums in a Digital World

 |  On European Commissioner Andrus Ansips blog Dr. Paul Klimpel discussed copyright, film history and cultural history.
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Europeana publishes Policy Recommendations for Education and Learning    News | Learning | Museums in a Digital World | Copyrights

 |  Europeana published a set of recommendations for the use of digital cultural heritage in education and learning, stemming from the Italian and Latvian EU presidencies (2014/15).
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