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Newsletter - 03/2017

NEMO's March...

This month, we warmly invite you to share and discuss our new publication and we would be happy to meet you online at our upcoming webinar!

We recently published the proceedings of our Annual Conference Money Matters: The Economic Value of Museums -it contains the presentations held at NEMO's Annual Conference 2016 that looked at the economic dimension of museums.

Additionally, registration for our FREE Webinar on 5 April at 15.30 h CET, The great revolution of museums, facilitated by Massimo Negri, is open until 3 April 2017.

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News from our Members

ICOM Germany, ICOM Denmark, ICOM Finland, ICOM Iceland, ICOM Norway, ICOM Sweden: Difficult Issues, International Conference in Helsingborg, Sweden, 21-23 September 2017

The conference aims to discuss the stories museum tell. Why are some remembered and others forgotten? Why are some stories highlighted, and others, mainly the hard and uncomfortable ones, hidden? What restricts museums' freedom to act and / or do we restrict ourselves? What are the roles of public and local societies? Call for Papers closes on 1 April 2017.
Further information... 

SWISS MUSEUMS ASSOCIATION: New publication about accessibility

Because museums serve the whole of society the Swiss MA wants to support museums in improving access for people with disabilities and encouraging their cultural participation. The publication is available in German, French and Italian and can be ordered from the Swiss MA.

Brief summary and further information...

SWISS MUSEUMS ASSOCIATION: New publication about interns at museums

The publication of the Swiss MA shows the benefits and opportunities for the museum and the interns. It is rounded off by practical checklists about the design of content and the rights and obligations when hiring an intern. The brochure is available in German, French and Italian here.

AUSTRIAN MUSEUMS ASSOCIATION: Brandnew issue of magazine "neues museum"

The new issue focuses on "The Museum as a Stage": Is there an added value for visitors? Do theatre and performances create new perspectives and new relationships between the objects or the visitors and the objects? Moreover: Gottfried Fliedl looks into the concept of the "Museum of Innocence", Radostina Patulova looks back on the Austrian Museums Association's annual conference in 2016 about "Museum and Migration". Orders are welcome at, 14,30 € excluding shipping costs.
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THE NETHERLANDS MUSEUMS ASSOCIATION:  3 – 9 April, National Museum Week 2017

More than 400 museums have already chosen a "Golden showpiece" for the National Museum Week 2017. They are presented in museums all over the Netherlands. Museums also organize special activities which can be viewed at This year's activities include new events such as three "Museum Internships" followed by three "Golden Conversations" (radio shows). There are also three "Pop-up museums" in schools. Contact for more information.

Via PULSZKY SOCIETY - Hungarian Museum Association: ICOM Hungary and Hungarian National Museum: The Museum as Passion, Conference and Workshop, Budapest, Hungary, 23-24 February 2017

During the two-day event opinions on common questions, notions and phenomena of the field were exchanged. The participants discussed and formulated the social tasks of museums, their place in community building, in creating and communicating knowledge, in brief: their future. The outcome will be summed up later on ICOM Hungary's website.

Correction: In the last issue of our newsletter it was incorrectly stated that the Maltese presidency of the Council of Europe had found a provisional agreement with the European Parliament on the European Year of Cultural Heritage. It is, of course, the Maltese presidency of the Council of the European Union. We apologise for the false denomination. This agreement is expected to be soon formally adopted by the European Parliament and by the European Council.

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