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Newsletter - 07/2015

Use the summer break to apply for NEMO's second round of capacity building activities!

Applications for the Learning Exchange at the Austrian Museums Association from 5-7 October 2015 are welcome by 27 July 2015.
Applications for the Learning Exchange at the Danish Museums Association from 21-23 January 2016 can be submitted by 18 October 2015.
We invite your applications to NEMO's Training Courses on Digital Storytelling from 16-18 November 2015 or the building of Digital Strategies on 27 November 2015 by 13 September 2015.

Find out more about NEMO's upcoming Annual Conference in Pilsen, Czech Republic from 5-8 November 2015. Registration will open at the end of August.



News from our Members

Swiss Museums Association: Museum policies: Why?

The next annual conference of the Swiss museums from 27-28 August will be devoted to museum policies. The expectations that society, politics and decision-makers have on museums are in fact the objectives that museums strive to fulfill by being both instruments and actors of cultural policy. But who actually decides what their institutional policy should be?
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Pulszky Society - Hungarian Museum Association: 12th Night of Museums in Hungary

420.000 visitors in more than 420 institutions all over the country, approximately 2500 programmes – these are the figures of Saturday, 20 June 2015. The main theme of the Night was „Living Transylvania”. The night focused particularly on one city - Eger.
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French Ministry of Culture: A cultural partnership between the Paris Region Hospitals and the Louvre museum

In 2014 the hospitals in the region of Paris and the Louvre started a cooperation on cultural programmes devoted to both the patients and the medical and nursing staff of the hospitals. The partnership aims at improving the general well-being, the mutual relationship and the living conditions of the whole community (patients, staff and their respective families and relatives). The programme includes various cultural and social activities, e.g. patients and the staff select art reproductions to be displayed at the hospital, the programme "Coffee Louvre" is aimed at museum staff during their breaks. In order to evaluate the general impact of the programme on the everyday life of the community a research-action process is in progress.
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MAO – Museum of Architecture and Design, Ljubljana: The 20th Century Poster in Slovenia

The exhibition on the poster's development as a mass medium of visual communication and as a central assignment for the Slovenian graphic design in the 20th century is on display until 1 November 2015. It presents more than 200 posters of 80 authors with political, commercial, sport, art and other content. The exhibition was curated by Cvetka Požar.
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MICC: Nemech  - New Media for Cultural Heritage

MICC is organizing the activities for the inauguration of Nemech - the new competence centre on new media for cultural heritage in Florence, IT. The centre aims at studying and applying multimedia technologies and information for documentation and promotion of cultural heritage. During the inauguration on 22 July museum experts, new media and technolgy researchers and European museum professionals will talk about cultural heritage communication and valorization with demo and projects. NEMO's Board Member Margherita Sani is set to talk about lifelong learning and public engagement in museums from a European perspective.
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Museums Association: Annual Conference and Exhibition in Birmingham, UK

The annual conference will take place in Birmingham from 5-8 November. The conference's theme is "Radical Futures" and offers an opportunity to think creatively, engage with colleagues and develop new skills.
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MoTA Point : Ghostwriter project exhibition

The Museum of Transitory Art will show the exhibtion "Ghostwriter Project, Action #2" until 30 July 2015. It is the result of an intervention by writers, visual artists, designers and performers that aim to draw the attention back on reading and writing. The artists commented on books bought at flea markets with a special ink pen that is only visible under UV light, the books are then returned to the cycle.
The exhibition is on view at MoTA Space for Art and Ideas, Gosposvetska cesta 12, Ljubljana, SI.
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