NEMO facilitates networking and sharing of best practices among museums at the European level, which then enables museums to collaborate in multilateral and international projects.

NEMO works with other cultural organisations and engages in many projects on a European and international scale to advance common causes and objectives and to give the museums and culture sector a strong voice.

Recent News in Collaboration

NEMO and ViMM will cooperate to make Cultural Heritage more Accessible    News | Collaboration | Museums in a Digital World | NEMO activities

 |  NEMO and ViMM, the Virtual Multimodal Museum, will work together to exploit and increase the benefits of digital technologies in improving access to and preservation of Europe’s cultural heritage in the coming years.
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NEMO met with ICOM Chair Suay Aksoy in Berlin    News | Collaboration | NEMO activities

 |  On 28 June 2019, NEMO Chair David Vuillaume met with Suay Aksoy, Chair of ICOM, in Berlin, Germany. Among other things, they discussed a structured exchange between ICOM and NEMO, ICOM’s new museum definition and museums’ role in...
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European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 Throwback    News | Collaboration | EU Culture Policy | NEMO activities

 |  The European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH) 2018 put European heritage and culture on the map. In a recent monitoring report the results and impact of the year speaks loud and clear; 9 558 740 people attended 18 365 events...
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