THE ARTS+ Innovation Summit

10 October 2018 | Frankfurt am Main, Germany

On 10 October 2018, NEMO will represent the museum sector in THE ARTS+ Innovation Summit: The Bigger Picture - How can the cultural and creative sectors bride the innovation gap?. The one-day summit focuses on bridging the gap between the cultural and creative sectors and innovation by discussing solutions to structural problems faced by the sector as a whole.

NEMO is happy to announce that it can give 10 one-day tickets to THE ARTS+ to its members! If you are a member and wish to attend THE ARTS+ in Frankfurt, please get in touch with An official call will be launched in early September 2018.

THE ARTS+ Innovation Summit: The Bigger Picture - How can the cultural and creative sectors bride the innovation gap?
At the summit, NEMO will make sure to bring museums' point of view and push for finding solutions to problems faced by most museums apropos innovation and new technologies. NEMO will also bring its vast knowledge about cultural heritage to the discussion.

The cultural and creative sectors are lagging behind the big tech companies and the gap between technology and culture is rapidly increasing, as seen in the illustration below. However, if organisations and sectors would find ways to collaborate, despite the frequent fragmentation found within the sector, the creative sectors could build on already existing competences and achieve a much needed boost to the digital level.

THE ARTS+ Innovation Summit aims to explore structural innovation barriers, and search for possible solutions and adequate innovation support ecosystems that could cater to the sector as a whole. The outcome of three preparatory workshops will feed into the Innovation Summit and serve as the base for discussion. NEMO already participated in the preparatory workshop “Innovation Support for Cultural Heritage – The international view”, which took place on 24 May 2018 at the ArtLab in Milan, Italy.

Do you also want to be part of bridging the gap between the cultural and creative sectors and innovation? Read more about participating in THE ARTS+ Innovation Summit here.

THE ARTS+ - with the subheading “Future of Culture Festival” - is a festival dedicated to the future of the creative and cultural industries and takes place from 10-14 October 2018, at the Frankfurter Buchmesse.

Our world is being turned upside-down at a dizzying rate. Technology and culture, two areas previously considered opposites, are merging more and more. New technologies are transforming culture and creativity, and in the process are not only business models, media, our communication and living environments changing, but our society as a whole, and our understanding of ourselves as human beings. A new ecosystem is emerging.

THE ARTS+ is actively shaping this new ecosystem. In order to do so, key players from the creative and cultural sectors, as well as economics and politics, who actively drive these changes forward have been gathered. Together, we can define the framework and create a new order.

Museums and Creative Industries Case Studies
The NEMO Working Group Museums and Creative Industries is collecting innovative case studies from across Europe on how museums and creative industries successfully work together. 15 case studies will be presented in a report, which will be showcased at THE ARTS+ in October 2018. Deadline to submit case studies is 15 August 2018. Get in touch with or with cases and questions.
Access the call for contributions here.

This event has been awarded with the European Year of Cultural Heritage Label, showing that the event supports the role of Europe’s cultural heritage and its importance to cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue. Learn more about obtaining the label from NEMO here.