NEMO produces, channels and exchanges information to help and support museums and their staff in Europe. This regards information about current and prospective European policies for culture and museums in particular as well as information about funding opportunities offered by the various EU programmes.

As a platform for European museums, NEMO also facilitates the sharing of best practices within the museum community on different topics, and provides a space to exchange about diverse topics and initiatives in order to help the museum sector grow together and become strong and fit for future.

Recent News in Sharing

ICOMOS Recommendations for Stakeholders Engaged in EU-Funded Heritage Conservation and Management    News | European funding for museums | Sharing

 |  ICOMOS provides guidance on quality principles for all stakeholders directly or indirectly engaged in EU-funded heritage conservation and management in the recently published "European Quality Principles for EU-funded...
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Navigate EU Funding Programmes with a Toolkit by Euclide Network    News | European funding for museums | Sharing

 |  Understanding EU funding can at times be challenging. A recent toolkit by Euclide Network has put together a toolkit that helps navigate different European funding programmes.
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More Meaningful Citizen Engagement is called for in the Next EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation    News | EU Culture Policy | Sharing

 |  The European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council recently reached a partial agreement on the successor of Horizon 2020; the next EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. Ecsite, the European Network of...
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