8th International Training Course in Paris - Museum trends and prospects for 2018

On 15 September an international group of 5 museum professionals from Greece, Croatia, Germany and the Netherlands gathered in Paris for NEMO’s 8th training course Museum Trends & Prospects for 2018, an intensive 1-day learning programme in collaboration with NEMO's partner We Are Museums. This study day aimed at monitoring global trends and translating them to the museum sector, as well as enabling participants to use these them in their work at their respective museums.

Before diving into trends and prospects for the museum sector, Claire Solery and Diane Drubay from the team of We Are Museums introduced the concept of fads, trends and megatrends. With these concepts in mind, we looked at how macro developments impact sector as well as which news influenced or even changed the museum field in 2017. The election of Trump and his fake news, the migrant crisis, the continuous challenge of western-centrism, the increase of authoritarian governments – these developments effected the museum sector into certain extend and will keep on influencing our work over the next years.

We Are Museums furthermore presented 10 sector-specific trends, such as the museum space as touchpoint and the hybrid museum space, the new normal and the museum as a place for social justice. While some of these trends could be considered as generated ‘inside out’ by the sector itself and some ‘outside in’, they all share a connection or sometimes even an explicit relation with society and have various social impact(s).

After the lunch break, Laure Pressac, responsible for strategy, development and digital at Centre des Monuments Nationaux (CMN), introduced her institution and its digital strategy. The CMN is a national institution that is responsible for restoring and maintaining about 100 monuments and collections in France. Pressac focused on two digital projects at the CMN: Museomix in Reims and Histopad at the Conciergerie on the Ile de la Cité in Paris. In addition to the ins and outs of these projects, she also shared her best practice in project management as well as practical tools that could enable museum professionals to achieve transformation. The study day finished with the workshop Have an Innovative Attitude! Plan Your Digital Transformation by We Are Museums. Through analysing consumer needs and expectations, the participants would be able to identify the potential for innovation.

As the preceding sessions could have continued for another day, our discussions carried on even beyond the scope of the official programme in a nearby café. In our work as museum professionals we find ourselves extremely focused on our daily challenges, almost without having the chance to reflect upon ‘the bigger picture’. The study day offered a rare opportunity to zoom out from this daily scope of our work and also to familiarize ourselves with global trends as well as management insights and tools. We Are Museums provided each participant with a conference kit with lots of relevant articles and tips for further reading. The group left Paris with lots of inspiration and food for thought. 

Text written by Eva Koppen of NEMO's member AEJM - Association of European Jewish Museums.

NEMO would like to thank its members and their representatives for participating in this event and We Are Museums for this great partnership collaboration.


Diane Drubay & Claire Solery - Trends and prospects for museums in 2018

Laure Presac - Leading a digital transformation in a cultural institution