Second International Training Course in Amsterdam - Staff Matters!

The second International Training Course was hosted by the Netherlands Museum Association on 13 March 2015 in Amsterdam. The NMA introduced their Collective Tariff Agreement and examples of professional mentoring systems for staff, such as  Associateship of the Museums Association, Continuous Development for Museum Professionals, and Fellowships of Museums Associations in a very interactive course.

The first part began with a short presentation introducing the Netherlands Museum Association. Afterwards Toine Berbers, director members at the NMA, continued with the explanation of the Collective Tariff Agreement (CTA). The CTA is negotiated with the unions, the results are included in handbooks, and the NMA also advises museums.

In the second half Mark Taylor, who was the director of the Museum Association in the UK until April 2014, spoke about different mentoring programmes for museum professionals at place in the UK. The participants received small assignments to think about their goals as part of their "Continous Development Plan" (CDP), as well as Fellowships and Associateships. (Images of the exchange can be viewed here)

Toine Berbers - The Netherlands Museum Association and the Collective Tariff Agreement

Mark Taylor - CPD, AMA and Fellowships

Mark Taylor - AMA Knowledge Journal

Mark Taylor - Fellowship of the Museums Association

Continous Development Plan (CPD):

Example of the CPD

Example of the Summary

Blank CPD


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