First International Training Course in Berlin - The EU Jungle

NEMO's first International Training Course took place on 23 February 2015 in Berlin. The introduction into the EU Jungle and funding opportunities was complemented by insights into the funding programmes Creative Europe, Erasmus + and Horizon2020.

After a short welcome and an introductory round the German Museums Association was presented to the participants. Afterwards Margherita Sani from the Istituto Beni Culturali in Bologna and member of NEMO's Executive Board explained the much dreaded 'EU Jungle'.

"The European Jungle - not a dark scary place but a bunch of jolly good fellows!" -Margherita Sani (Member of our Executive Board) #nemoTC15

— NEMO Office (@NEMOoffice) February 23, 2015

The presentation was followed up by group work on advocacy, guided by Julia Pagel. The participants were divided into two groups: museum organisations and associations, and individual members from institutions. They were asked to find a topic, which they wanted to advocate. Subsequently objectives, targets and possible supporters had to be thought about. The presentation of the results showed that the representatives of the umbrella organisations as well as the museums had thought of a similar topic. The results were discussed further during a lunch break and continued to be recommenced during the presentations of different EU funding programmes.

Laura Seifert introduced the Creative Europe Programme, which is implemented until 2020. She explained the "Kulturförderpunkt", which is the contact point for cultural projects in Germany, who are looking for funding opportunities, and provides them with the necessary information on funding, among others through a large database.

Afterwards Dr. Christin Müller explained the seven-year Erasmus+ Programme that aims to boost skills and employability, as well as modernising Education, Training, and Youth work through supporting opportunities for travel, exchange, and partnership. The programme concentrates on three Key Actions: Learning Mobility of Individuals, Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices, and support to policy reform.

Lastly, Christa Engel offered an extensive insight into Horizon2020, the biggest EU programme for research and innovation in the defined key areas: excellent science, industrial leadership, and societal challenges.

In the end access to the EU funding opportunities was fostered through the explanations and introductions and the participants can pass on their gained knowledge.

The presentations are available here as videos and *.pdf:

Anja Schaluschke - German Museums Association

Margherita Sani - The EU Jungle

Julia Pagel - Bringing Demands Forward

Laura Seifert - Creative Europe Programme

Christin Müller - Erasmus+ Programme

Christa Engel - Horizon2020

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Introduction and Welcome by Anja Schaluschke

Introducing the hosting organisation: The German Museums Association - by Anja Schaluschke

Explaining "The EU Jungle" - by Margherita Sani (Part 1)

Explaining "The EU Jungle" - by Margherita Sani (Part 2)

Explaining "The EU Jungle" - by Margherita Sani (Part 3)

Bringing Demands Forward (Lobbying, Advocacy, Action) - by Julia Pagel