Fourth International Training Course in Riga - Digital Strategy

On 27 November 2015 the fourth NEMO Training Course took place in Riga, Latvia at the Art Museum Riga Bourse. The participants from museums, museum organisations and universities came together to take on the topic of digital strategies. In partnership with We Are Museums Learning an introduction to digital strategy in and for museums was given by Tijana Tasich, digital consultant, producer and workshop provider at Digitelling Agency and former digital production lead at Tate.

The training course provided an approach to developing a digital strategy for museums, whatever its size or budgets. After an overview on why a digital strategy is becoming more and more important and how it can fit into wider strategic objectives, Tijana Tasich presented a "recipe" for a successful digital strategy (you can also find it in this slideshare). The participants were invited to think about their institution's vision, brand values and goals, this already brought some difficulties on the clear expression of an institution's vision to light.

How important audience research is for a successful digital strategy, what tools can be used to find out more about the audience and evaluate strategies was the main focus of the second part. From common tools such as surveys to focus groups and creating test personas different quantitative and qualitative evaluation strategies were introduced shortly.
After a lunch break that offered opportunities for the museum professionals to discuss the newly gained input the difference between digital strategies and digital content strategies was the base for a closer look at strategic content planning. Tijana Tasich quoted the Content Strategy Alliance: "Getting the right content to the right user at the right time through strategic planning of content creation, delivery and governance" and added remarks on a workflow and the measurement of success. Thinking about the correlation of the institution, the goal of the contents, the audience, the responsibilities, the workflow and measurement the participants were invited to apply this to one specific idea at their institution.

The last part of the day concentrated on how digital technologies and channels can support better engagement with audiences, enable sharing of collections and open up new opportunities.

Over the course of the training course the participants achieved an understanding of the main components required to create a digital strategy, as well as some practical techniques and tools for its implementation.

NEMO would like to thank WAM Learning for partnering on this Training Course. WAM Learning is aimed at professionals working in cultural institutions wanting to make a difference in the digital field, supporting them through training, coaching and advice.

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