Summary Learning Exchange Berlin

Day 1

NEMO General Secretary Julia Pagel welcomed the participants to the first NEMO learning exchange. The director of the GMA - Anja Schaluschke - gave an insight to the GMA in the following. The subsequent discussion offered an insight into differences and similarities of the various institutions in the countries.
After a lunch break Monika Hagedorn-Saupe presented the work of the Institute for Museum Research, which conducts an annual survey to access - among other things - the number of museums and museum visits in Germany. The process of the survey was explained and the exchange of statistics on the EU level was introduced.
Jan-Christian Warnecke offered an insight into the work of one of the GMA's working groups. He explained its tasks and aims and discussed it's importance and effect.

Day 2

Eckart Köhne, president of the GMA, welcomed the participants to the meeting of the Executive Board of the GMA. The group soon discussed current topics such as the relevance and necessity of museum registrations or museum seals.
Afterwards the director of the Museum of European Cultures, Elisabeth Tietmeyer, gave a guided tour through the museum and emphasised the importance of cultural diversity and openness.
In the afternoon the participants were welcomed by Susanne Köstering at the Brandenburg Regional Museum Association in Potsdam. She explained the work of the association and discussed overcome challenges and obstacles.

Day 3

The last day of the exchange concentrated on activities and opportunities for museums, which are facilitated by the GMA.
At the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg-Museum (FHXB) Hayat Wiersch, deputy director of the GMA, and Frauke Miera, facilitator of the project, explained one of the projects on migration, which had a direct impact on the exhibition at the FHXB. Later on Frauke Miera also gave a guided tour.
Christine Brieger and Mira Höschler introduced the GMA's largest project "Kultur macht stark" (Culture is strength). The subsequent discussion focused on the execution of the project in the museums and the GMA. Jurek Sehrt, Head of the Education Department at the Deutsche Kinemathek, gave an insight into the project facilitation at the Deutsche Kinemathek. The group ended the exchange with a visit to the exhibition of the Deutsche Kinemathek.