Fifth International Learning Exchange 14-16 June 2016

The Icelandic Museums Association (FISOS) welcomed five NEMO members to Reykjavík from 14-16 June 2016 to the 5th Learning Exchange.

The Icelandic Museums Association welcomed the participants from all over Europe, presented its work and gave the participants an insight into the Icelandic museum landscape.

Throughout several museum visits - to the National Museum, the National Gallery, two Open Air Museums and the Reykjavik Art Museum - the participants took the opportunity to discuss and exchange views on relevant topics with the museum directors.

The composition of participants from Denmark, Greece, Germany, Ireland, the UK, Liechtenstein and the Balkan Region led to diverse discussions during the 3 days. One objective of NEMO's activities is to strengthen ties between the Network members. The exchange was a great success.