Maker-in-Residence: How museum professionals can collaborate with local creative partners

30 October 2018 | Jenny Siung

In this webinar Jenny Siung, Head of Education in the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin, shows how museum professionals can collaborate with local creative partners and makers to involve museum collections in engaging programmes for audiences. By partnering with the maker community and creative industries, the EU-funded projects Creative Museum and Making Museum counteract the traditionally viewed 'closed museum' to existing and new audiences. The partnership also explores and shares how to interpret museum objects in a creative, experimental way while developing new skills for museum staff. These new skills, in-turn, are factored into museum programmes and established as a means to build capacity with hard-to-reach audiences including youth and adults.

This webinar aims to look at how museums can address creative collaborations in the design and delivery of programmes for audiences while harnessing ideas developed and produced by both the Creative Museum (2014-2017) and Making Museum (2017-2019) projects under the Erasmus+ programme.  A number of examples will be used from the Chester Beatty Library during the webinar.

Jenny Siung is Head of Education in the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin, Ireland. She developed the first intercultural learning programme in an Irish museum. Her work involves engaging with the Library’s Islamic, Asian, North African, East Asian and European collections, devising numerous programmes including intercultural projects for schools, cultural festivals, and creating links with local multi-ethnic communities.

She has sat on a number advisory boards; Dublin City Council Chinese New Year Festival (2008-2015), Asia Europe Museum Education Exchange Programme, Cultural Diversity Policy of the Arts Council and the European Open Method of Coordination on Intercultural Dialogue (2010-2015). Jenny regularly writes and talks on creativity, innovation, cultural diversity and the role of national identity and Irish museums.

She participated in the Getty NextGen for museum leaders in 2012 and Learning in Museums, ICOM China in 2014.  She is one of the coordinators of The Creative and Making Museum projects, (Erasmus + 2014-2019).

The webinar was co-organised with MICC and NEMECH.

This event was awarded with the European Year of Cultural Heritage Label, showing that the event supported the role of Europe’s cultural heritage and its importance to cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue. Learn more about obtaining the label from NEMO here.