NEMO Webinar | Museums for All? Going beyond ramps and toilets to embrace access and inclusion for Deaf and disabled people

16 May 2018 | Michèle Taylor

The webinar explores the Social Model of disability as the basis for a practical approach to welcoming Deaf and disabled people into our institutions. Examples from across the world that demonstrate how disabled people are excluded and - more importantly - how barriers have been removed are presented in webinar

The webinar will hopefully leave you with ideas of straightforward and inexpensive actions that you can take to improve the experience that disabled visitors have in your museum, as well as the tools for planning more major changes. 

Michèle Taylor has more than 25 years of experience working in arts and heritage, focusing particularly on disability issues. Michèle set up her own business in 1992 to work on that edge where disability and ‘the mainstream’ meet, training and advising organisations on making their practices, policies and premises inclusive for disabled people. Since then, her practice has broadened to take good account of changes in the legislative approach and in recognition of equality and diversity principles as a whole.

The webinar was co-organised with MICC and NEMECH.

Watch the full presentation below.

Before, during and after the webinar,  the webinar's accessibility was questioned. At this moment of time, NEMO is unfortunately unable to caption the video. In case you would be able to help us in the process of captioning this and other webinars, please get in touch with 

NEMO would also like to emphasise that we understand the paradox of offering a webinar about accessibility that as a matter of fact is not completely accessible. The platform that is being used does not support any accessibility features. In case you would come across a platform that is more accessible than, please let us know. 

As a non-profit organisation, NEMO had to decide between offering a webinar on the topic of accessibility with the means available, or to not offer the webinar at all. Since we find that the topic deserves as much visibility as possible we decided to give the space to Michèle Taylor. NEMO sincerely hopes that people still see the value in giving her the opportunity to educate people in the museum sector, for free, about accessibility.


This event was awarded with the European Year of Cultural Heritage Label, showing that the event supported the role of Europe’s cultural heritage and its importance to cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue. Learn more about obtaining the label from NEMO here.