Audience Development

Audience development allows museums to better reach current and potential visitors by more effectively meeting their needs and expectations and by developing stronger on-going relationships with the audience. 

In recent years the museum sector has taken great strides in opening up and making accessible its collections to different public groups, including, those with special needs, non-visitors, migrants, families, and older people. Museums have done this in order to allow these groups to benefit from museums' potential and to offer tailored projects to tackle their needs.

Within this area, however, there are still knowledge gaps between different countries within Europe and between museums with different scopes. This page should help to facilitate knowledge transfer and best-practices for museums and museum professionals - so that ultimately the public can benefit in the best way possible from museum resources. 

To access publications and other documents that regard Audience Development, head to the Reading Corner.

Recent News in Audience Development

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 |  On 11 September 2019, the final conference and first award ceremony of the project "COME-IN! - Cooperating for open access to museums towards a wider inclusion" will take place in Brussels, Belgium. NEMO has been invited to give a...
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 |  The NEMO Working Group LEM - The Learning Museum has researched visitor engagement in natural history museums. The results can be found in the group report "Engaging Visitors in Natural History Museums: A NEMO - The Learning...
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