NEMO Standard Loan Agreement

Through the development of a standardised loan agreement that is applicable by all kinds of museums NEMO wants to encourage a widespread collaboration between museums working towards a common cultural aim and to increase the mobility of works of arts in Europe.

It contains information about the lender and the borrower, the objects which are to be lent, the details of the exhibition, data on insurance and cost figures.

In order to make the handling of information easier for the lender as well as the borrower the standard loan Agreement is accompanied by separate Loan Conditions. They are an integral part of the Loan Agreement and state the lender's stipulations for the loan(s) listed in the Loan Agreement.

NEMO Standard Loan Agreement

Download pdf-version (please note that this version contains all different versions of the Loan Conditions and is for comparison only).

Download Word-version (this version is the working document. You can adapt the paragraphs/versions according to your needs)

Convenient Translations

The convenient translations shall help to work with the official document. They are available in 12 languages.