European Funding for Museums

There is a vast range of funding possibilities available for museums on different levels, which embrace the core tasks of museums as well as initiatives tailored to work on specific topics, from international to regional levels.

NEMO collects museum-relevant, cross-sectorial, international and European funding possibilities. Is also serves as a platform for co-operation between museums for new projects.

To access publications and other documents that regard European Funding, head to the Reading Corner.

Recent News in European Funding for Museums

ICOMOS Recommendations for Stakeholders Engaged in EU-Funded Heritage Conservation and Management    News | European funding for museums | Sharing

 |  ICOMOS provides guidance on quality principles for all stakeholders directly or indirectly engaged in EU-funded heritage conservation and management in the recently published "European Quality Principles for EU-funded...
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Navigate EU Funding Programmes with a Toolkit by Euclide Network    News | European funding for museums | Sharing

 |  Understanding EU funding can at times be challenging. A recent toolkit by Euclide Network has put together a toolkit that helps navigate different European funding programmes.
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NEMO Call for Research about European Museums’ Participation in EU Funding Programmes    News | Projects & Calls | European funding for museums | NEMO activities

 |  NEMO has issued a call for a research that will identify EU funding for projects focused on, or linked to, museums in the Member States of Europe in the period 2014-2017. The research should be finalized by 20 August 2019 and NEMO...
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