Useful websites

Visitor Studies Association
Visitor Studies Association is a professional organisation focusing on all facets of the visitor experience in museums, zoos, nature centres, visitor centres, historic sites, parks and other informal learning settings.

Whitworth Art Gallery Adult programme
Blog about Adult Learning: Ed Watts who runs the Whitworth Art Gallery Adult programme writes a great blog with information all about their work with adult learners.
Online community that strives to support knowledge-sharing, collaboration and innovation among diverse professionals in the field of informal science education and learning. The site is evolving from its roots as an online repository of information about research and evaluation in informal learning into a knowledge network that is built around people, projects and ideas.

Iniva Creative Learning
The site hosts a range of art focused learning resources for use by teachers, counsellors, therapists and parents who are seeking new ways of supporting young and vulnerable people to make sense of their lives, experiences and emotions.

Inspiring Learning
Inspiring Learning is a self-help improvement framework for museums, libraries and archives.

LLinE Journal
Lifelong learning in Europe Journal is a trans-European organisation dedicated to the advancement of adult education, lifelong learning, intercultural collaboration and best practice research. It is a forum for ideas and experiences in adult and continuing education and comes out four times a year.

Measuring Impact - Tools and tips for assessing the impacts of art programs
How do we collate this information and use it to influence policy and evidence the value of learning through culture? Here is a place to find tips on research approaches and methodologies as well as finding evidence and reports commissioned by other organisations. It is a free resource for people working in the cultural sector.

Museums Association (UK), 'Diversify' programme
People from ethnic minorities, people with disabilities and people from less affluent backgrounds are under-represented in the museum and gallery workforce. The Museums Association's (MA) Diversify scheme makes museum careers more accessible to people from these groups.

Online journal: Museum and Society
Museum and Society is an independent peer reviewed journal which brings together new writing by academics and museum professionals on the subject of museums. It publishes articles covering a wide range of social science, humanities and practitioner research including: Museums in society; Museums, identity and difference; Museums and social inclusion; Access provision and practice; Museums and education; Politics and display; Heritage studies.

Pilots Resource Pack for Training Explainers
Explainers are flexible communicators, who know how to listen to their various audiences and mediate between them and the world of science. In order to do this effectively explainers need to continually develop their skills by searching for new ways to communicate both basic scientific principles and the latest findings and perspectives of science research.

Resources: Interpretation Matters
Interpretation Matters funded by the Arts Council England is about all aspects of written material found in galleries - the text panels on the walls, providing context for the work on show, and the printed booklets that describe the works or overall programme. Usually "under-the-radar", the aim of this site is to highlight this important area of gallery practice.

The Australian Museum Audience Research Unit
The Australian Museum Audience Research Unit undertakes a broad range of visitor research and evaluation projects. The objectives of the unit are to undertake and facilitate innovative research into visitor experiences and learning issues in museums generally; feed information into program development, policy and planning; publicise and disseminate research results and serve as a networking hub linking the Museum with other organisations that are undertaking research in complementary areas.

The Exploratorium
The Exploratorium is the Museum of science, art, and human perception of San Francisco, California. The Exploratorium's Visitor Research and Evaluation Department conducts research on informal learning in the public space of their museum. In addition, they conduct evaluation studies to inform and improve the exhibits and programs developed at the Exploratorium.

Age of Creativity
An online platform to share, celebrate and inspire work in the field of arts and older people. Age of Creativity aims to foster collaboration and discussion between practitioners, facilitators, artists and organisations through showcasing pioneering work and providing a shared space to exchange ideas, opportunities and resources.

Art Museum Teaching Blog is a collaborative forum for reflecting on practice in the field of art museum education. It is the goal of this site to connect educators, ideas, and resources around a dialogue about what we do in our practice of teaching

BLOG: Museum 2.0
This blog by Nina Simon, explores the ways that the philosophies of Web 2.0 can be applied in museums to make them more engaging, community-based, vital elements of society. Nina Simon designs and researches participatory museum experiences.

Bridging Ages
Bridging Ages is an International organisation in Historic Environment Education and Time Travels supporting and inspiring institutions such as museums, schools and heritage organisations in the development of Historic Environment Education and Time Travels. 

Digital ExTra - Digital Exhibition Training
The Digital ExTra project has its starting point in the needs of small and medium-sized museums and archives for creating digital exhibitions on the internet and addresses the main reasons for a lack of cultural heritage related eContent being produced today.

Edgital | talk at the edge of museum education and digital media

Edgital is a collaborative project with the goal of supporting dialogue and creative thinking at the edge of museum education and digital media technology. Edgital sees museum educators and museum technologists as sharing a set of fundamental concerns around interpretation, experience, visitor engagement, and the broader social role of museums.

Educational uses of digital storytelling
A resource for teachers and students who are interested in how multimedia can be integrated into a variety of educational activities. Many of the digital stories contained on this site include still images, audio files and video clips

European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing - The Marketplace for Innovative Ideas is open for business
A new website, the "Marketplace for Innovative ideas" has been launched as part of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing.

FORUM - Research and resources for museum education
Ongoing research projects are listed in Museum Education Monitor, the e-newsletter.

FUISM is the association for pedagogical development in Swedish museums.

Future of Museums
AAM's Center for the Future of Museums (CFM) helps museums explore the cultural, political and economic challenges facing society and devise strategies to shape a better tomorrow. CFM is a think-tank and research and design lab for fostering creativity and helping museums transcend traditional boundaries to serve society in new ways.

GEM is for everyone interested in learning through museums and heritage. GEM is based in the UK with a membership from around the world.

Heritage and Interculture (Patrimonio e Intercultura)
A unique online resource entirely devoted to heritage education in an intercultural perspective. The English section of the website includes detailed descriptions of intercultural projects and activities carried out in Italian museums and heritage sites in partnership with schools, adult learning agencies, libraries, community organisations, research institutes, cultural mediators and contemporary artists.