Museum Management

Museum management is a very broad theme that takes into account all aspects concerned with the management of a museum. This includes curation, collection management, public education, exhibitions, and technology, to name a few. 

This page will act as a collection point for, and exchange of, best practices examples for museum, as well as museum organisation management - allowing a transfer of knowledge between museums and museum organisations of all different shapes and sizes. 

Through better management of museums and museum organisations, the public at large can benefit in the best possible way from the rich resources museums offer. 

To access publications and other documents that regard Museum Management, head to the Reading Corner.

Since 2018, NEMO offers Political Internships in Museums, which aims to give politicians (and civil servants) a greater understanding of museum work. 

Recent News in Museum Management

Recommendations for Creating Participatory Museum Projects    News | Museum Management | Audience Development | Cultural Creativity | Sharing

 |  A recent research looks at the benefits, opportunities and challenges of public participation in research museums. The report, which was published in Ecsite’s magazine Spokes , also offers a hands on suggestions of how to plan and...
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New EU Regulations on Cultural Heritage Imports    News | Collection Mobility | Museum Management | EU Culture Policy

 |  On 9 April 2019, the European Council adopted new rules to tackle illicit trafficking in cultural goods. From Autumn 2020, all artefacts older than 250 years will need an import licence.
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NEMO Learning Exchange on the Solidary Museum    News | Museums as Social Agents | Museum Management | Projects & Calls | NEMO activities

 |  The next NEMO Learning Exchange will take place from 26-29 June 2019 in Budapest and Szentendre, Hungary. While emerging in the topic of “The Solidary Museum: Museum Programs Addressing Social Responsibility”, the participants...
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