Museums as Social Agents

Museums can change people's lives. They contribute to cohesive communities and reflect the history and identity of all citizens. In turn, museums live and develop by the skills and the creativity of their public and they must show their value to society.

One of the major tasks of museums is the development of their audiences, be it the reaching out for new groups underrepresented in museums or the creative engagement with visitors in and outside the museum.

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Recent News in Museums as Social Agents

NEMO Publication on Museums’ Positive Impact across Sectors    News | Museums as Social Agents | Museum Management | Intercultural Dialogue | NEMO activities

 |  NEMO recently released a collection of the papers from its 26th European Museum Conference “Museums out of the Box! The Crossover impact of Museums”. The publication showcases the many spillover effects that museums create on...
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Learn how to activate the Well-being Potential of your Museum in the next NEMO International Training Course    News | Museums as Social Agents | Projects & Calls | NEMO activities

 |  In the course of two lectures and a workshop, the participants will get to learn how to tap into museums’ soft power and explore ways to create first steps towards a happiness-focused museum. The training takes place on 27...
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Environmentally Sustainable Museum opened in Addis Ababa    News | Museums as Social Agents | Museum Management | Urban Development | NEMO activities

 |  When the alternative arts and ecological institution Zoma Museum in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, opened earlier this year a clear focus was set on making the institution as environmentally friendly as possible. An inspiring example of...
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