Museums in a Digital World

The digital shift has had a significant impact on society, and museums have their own role to play in this process. It has the potential to add considerable value to the work of museums.

In recent years there has been a growing demand for reliable data about the digitisation of, access to, and the preservation of museum collections in the cultural heritage institutions of Europe.

Through digitisation and new media devices, museums can engage with a wider and more diverse audience on various levels and play an increasingly interactive and educational role within society.

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Recent News in Museums in a Digital World

24 EU Member States will cooperate on Digitising Cultural Heritage    News | EU Culture Policy | Museums in a Digital World

 |  On 9 April 2019, 24 European countries signed a Declaration of cooperation on advancing digitisation of cultural heritage.
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 |  As museums pick up phenomena from the marketing world, such as “experience design”, one might have to rethink the mission of the museum, a recent article from artnet news suggests and explores. What happens when museums want to...
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How Europe’s Museums and Cultural Heritage Institutions are boosted by the new Copyright Directive    News | Museum Management | EU Culture Policy | Museums in a Digital World | Copyrights

 |  On 26 March 2019, the European Parliament voted to adopt the Copyright in the Digital Market Directive. Some clear benefits for museums and cultural heritage institutions can be identified. The EU Member States have two years to...
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